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Vince Guaraldi is the best. I saw a few moments of the TV special last night, and brought my CD along to school today and played it during my prep time.

I just received the new Aimee Mann Christmas CD in the mail from amazon today. I'm currently only up to song #3, but I must say I really like it. Of course, you know about me and Aimee.

sean carter

I am still a huge fan of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Its the best for sure. Peep into my blog at http://christmas4all.blogspot.com for some unique gift ideas, home decor tips and loads of other interesting stuffs.


Can't think of the exact title, but Oscar Peterson's christmas album is so damn good I thought about listening to it once in July (I'm a big Peterson fan). But I didn't. I am a Christmas curmudgeon, after all.


I'm REALLY liking the new James Taylor Christmas CD. I don't have it, but I've heard most of the songs on it. Bruce Cockburn's "christmas" is really good.

I've got others that I really like, but they probably aren't in your (or E's) musical tastes.

Guaraldi, is of course, untouched for great jazz that makes of think of Christmas.

(And, K, I thought it kind of an odd choice of words to describe Phil Spector's album as "This kills.")


Yeah, the Cockburn Christmas album is great. That goes without saying. That's why I didn't say it.


There's no X-mas music like Elvis X-mas music.


Well, I guess I can't let this thread pass without responding. The Oscar Peterson is just called "An Oscar Peterson Christmas." Very nice arrangements with vibes, flugelhorn, and guitar. If you like that CD from Telarc, try another: "A Dave Brubeck Christmas." I usually prefer Peterson to Brubeck, but I like Brubeck's Christmas effort a little better.

Another good Christmas CD to try is "The Best of Moore by Four for the Holidays." Excellent!

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