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brilliant. yes, isn't it weird to remember that high-concept, hollywoodish crap was around long ago? that h.g wells seems like a classic now, just because he's old, when really his contemporaries probably saw him as the dan brown of the day?



ps -- based on what your left-hand column here claims you're listening to, may i suggest ghostface killah's fishscale, and jean grae's this week? both are excellent. they are my 'page-building' jams at work. woot!


My parents have a copy with a groovy purple cover, and that cover turned out to be the best part.


The cover of this one's pretty cool. too. As for the jams (see above), I'm currently digging the new TV On The Radio, some old Lemonheads, and some really old Muddy Waters, all Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers from E. And, also, Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Q. A triumph of stupid.


A friend of mine accurately described the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise movie adaptation -- which was horrible -- as "Tom Cruise learns better parenting through alien invasion." As good a tagline as I could imagine. It must be depressing for Mr. Cruise to be completely outshone on screen by a ten-year-old.

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