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Okay, a couple of corrections from Ms Doesn't Have Time for Her Own Blog But Seems to Have Plenty of Time to Post Giant, Essay-like Comments on Her Husband's:
1.) When K says he wore "the ensemble pictured above," he does not mean the ensemble pictured immediately above, which is my ensemble. We are not the sorts of people who would celebrate a wedding anniversary by cross-dressing ourselves into First Avenue. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2.) Spoon was actually doing interesting things with meter, not time signatures. K is not misquoting me. I actually said "time signatures." But I was using the term incorrectly. Meter. It's meter.


I love that you guys did that, and I'm so jealous, too--Spoon is great, and in spite of your non-grunge garb, you are way hip that you even knew they were playing. Happy Aniversary!


Happy Anniversary.
That shower looks like a torture device.
I'm glad it didn't hurt you.


How I failed to see Kevin--in a suit no less--at the Spoon show I'll never figured out. But then, the place was packed.

Meantime, Spoon is great, but the Pony's put on a better show. Which is interesting, because they're not nearly as good a band as Spoon (who are fantastic).

Now, if I could just find my hearing... I think it's somewhere between the 2nd floor john and the bar on the east wall of the first floor.


J--Were we at the same show? We attended Weds night.



Happy (belated) Anniversary to you both.

How was the food at Vincent? I haven't been there in two or three years, but I was intimately familiar with it (worked there) for quite a while about six years ago.


The risotto was transcendent. The rest of our meal was good. The whole meal wasn't quite up to the level of a recent meal at Zander and a recent anniversary meal at Restaurant Alma, but it seems like the difference could be the difference between an off-night and an on-night, so we'll be going back. Plus, we loved the feel of the room.


Yes, we were at the same show... but different restaurants: the guys I went with were set on steaks at J.D. Hoyt's & who was I to complain?

I do have to say it felt WRONG to be at Hoyt's and even more wrong not to be headed for Little Tijuana or Village Wok for late-night eats after the show: old habits, they die hard.



I think The downtown Keys may be the perfect First Avenue restaurant. When we saw Luscious Jackson sometime in the 90s, they explained that they couldn't pogo because they had had the open faced pork sandwiches and mashed potatoes AND the peach pie before the show.

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