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You know, I think about this a lot, too. I think maybe blogging has changed the way I write in my journal in that I write less about general thoughts on writing and reading, the kind of thing I write about on my blog. Now I save just the really boring stuff for my journal, stuff that I'm 100% sure no one cares about but future-me -- literally, what I ate (why?), what I did when, movies I saw, things I read (listed), what's going on with things I am writing, who I saw and what they said, why I am annoyed with this or that. That's probably what will always stay in my private journals -- the unrestrained bitching. Well, in my journals and in my dinner conversation with my long-suffering husband.


Try googling makwagis in Cairo!

Also, look up Amy's book on amazon! You can pre-order it!


Cool. I just ordered Amy's book. In your case, it looks like Google did exactly what it's supposed to do.

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