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Pukedy-puke! It really is getting out of control.


That's why I can only stand to read the "New Yorker" online -- the paper version reads more like a catalogue with actual content placed around ads rather than vice versa.


I've heard of pulling those blow in cards, but never the ads. Is it to cut down on carry-on bag weight? The magazine must feel so thin now.


When I used to teach a class in mass media, I had my students look at the ad content of various magazines. Some of the fashion mags had up to 90% ads. Of course, that's how they pay for the publication.

Can you imagine having to deliver those bloated things around each month? I'd guess that advertising has put more mailcarriers out of commission than yard dogs.


Yes, Carolyn, exactly. I fantasize about breezing onto a plane with a magical Mary Poppins bag that contains everything I need to keep me comfortable and amused. Since I am not easily amused -- or easily comforted -- this requires lugging an ungainly accretion of reading material, beverages, snacks, grooming implements, balms, lotions, and a laptop computer loaded with music, movies, and various seasons of various television shows. So yes, this was all about lightening my load, not making a statement. The March issue of VF felt as though it was half its original weight by the time I finished removing the ads.

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