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I often miss Winona, my home town as well as yours. Reading your post makes me miss it even more. For many years since I left, I wanted to return to Winona to live. Now that that has become increasingly unlikely, the town and my infrequent visits there have become more important and poignant.


I haven't set foot in the U.S. since August, so I had a lot of warm feelings about this post. Ah.


Those first two photos made me think of that wonderful story you wrote last year.


I had a dream once, shortly after graduating from college and moving away to take a teaching job, that my parents had rented out my old bedroom to some high school kid. (Remember my old third-story attic room?) Why a high school kid needed to live in my room was unclear, but when I came home to visit, this kid, who was otherwise normal, sat at our supper table and ate with my family. And because our table only comfortably seated six, I consented to eat in the living room. As I sat eating and watching television, I could hear my family conversing in the next room in a generally normal way, but with a strange voice included. This is how I feel every time I go back to Winona.


That's precise in the way that only dreams are precise.

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